Kamshield LLC is a woman-owned company founded by Kameron Miller. Kameron’s interest in online security stemmed from her experience of being hacked several years ago. Wanting to find a solution and prevent others from enduring the same violation, Kameron saw her vision for online security come to life with the Kamshield Webcam Cover.

The first inventor to apply for a utility and design patent for webcam covers, Kameron’s original design is superior to all others in the market. With full customized color/coverage on the front of the Kamshield, and 3M full adhesive backing, we create a one of a kind webcam cover which accommodates PCs, laptops and tablets.

Kamshield has enjoyed much success in the distribution marketplace. It has been a top product featured in swag bags for many corporate, charity, and entertainment events including: Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, P.S. I Love You, The Teen Choice Awards, Miss Teen USA, the Academy Awards, and many more.



privacy is only possible by physically blocking the camera.
US consumers fell victim to identity theft in the last year.
Americans have fallen victim to some form of cyber crime.